The 3 Things an Agency Internship Offers that No Classroom Can

June 16, 2016sparxoo_admin

About a month ago, I joined Sparxoo’s team as the Digital Marketing and Graphic Design intern. Like most students, I knew I needed an internship, but I didn’t fully understand why, beyond the fact that it would look great on my resume. After my first few weeks as an intern, I’ve started to realize the true value of this experience. An agency internship is the best way to get real marketing experience and learn the workings of the industry. My position has already built on things I’ve learned in the classroom, and has allowed me to do three crucial things that will benefit me down the road.

Diving right in with hands-on experience

On my first day at Sparxoo, I was introduced to a project that involved planning a month of social media posts for a client, as well as designing materials for these posts. I was eased into the project at first, but was soon handed the reins. This project helped me transition into the responsibility of tackling larger projects on my own, and allowed me to start branching out into different types of tasks. It also gave me the opportunity to get to know a client’s voice and goals, which I learned to apply to everything I planned or created.

No matter how much you can learn in the classroom, nothing compares to this kind of actual hands-on experience. An internship at an agency gives you the opportunity to work on real projects for real clients, in a variety of different industries. Taking ownership of a task or project gives real-world context to the concepts you learn in the classroom. Working to complete these tasks is also a great way to become familiar with the tools and programs agencies use to plan and complete tasks.

Collaborating with different people & different perspectives

Client projects at Sparxoo are rarely a one-person job, and as an intern I’ve had the opportunity to work closely and collaborate with a wide variety of intelligent and talented people. This collaboration is invaluable, and it has shown me the perspectives of people with various areas of expertise.

At an agency with such a diverse toolbox of brainpower, I’ve been able to ask specific people for input on specific projects, and in doing so have found solutions or ideas that have enhanced my own. Likewise, I’ve been able to find opportunities to contribute my own unique perspective.

Learning from an office full of willing teachers

As an intern, I am working across teams, so I have the benefit of learning from everyone in the office. Members of the design team and the digital marketing team alike have more to teach me than I could ever imagine, and are eager to help me develop my skills. With every project, I learn new ways to design or important best practices in online marketing. While learning in the classroom is important, it can never prepare you to do real work like an internship can. At a marketing agency like Sparxoo, you have the opportunity to learn skills and processes that cut across industries and functions.

An internship at an agency can offer valuable experiences and learning opportunities that take the knowledge you’re learning in the classroom to new levels. It allows you to leave your mark on projects while also absorbing some of the expertise of everyone around you.  At Sparxoo, I’ve found that I have something I can offer to each project I work on, and the projects and people I work with all have something they can teach me in return.