5 Biggest Inbound Marketing Trends of 2016

July 5, 2016sparxoo_admin

Inbound marketing has transformed the way businesses engage and interact with their customers. The inbound movement continues to gain speed and with it, many more exciting trends are following. Here are the five biggest waves in inbound marketing that 2016 has seen thus far.

  1. Automation, Automation, Automation

Now more than ever before, marketers are striving to reach audience members in meaningful ways and are using marketing automation to do so. In fact, a staggering 79% of top-performing businesses use marketing automation to generate leads and customers (Pardot). Marketing automation’s impact continues to grow the more marketers are able to customize it for their specific business functions.

  1. Marketing + Design

Nowadays, marketers wear many hats. In the inbound world, they’ve become advertisers, analysts, designers, and researchers. Inbound marketing revolves around helping potential customers solve a problem, and oftentimes this happens through content creation. Marketers create inbound content and test it upon completion for optimization. After repeated testing, marketers confirm what content is receiving the highest traffic and clicks. The best approach for creating content can then be made going forward. This up and coming trend has made such a huge impact in the inbound world, it’s even coined the term ‘growth driven-design.’ In this way, inbound marketing is shifting into the world of web design and has no signs of stopping.

  1. Data is Everything

In 2015, big data is cited as the number one priority for markets (Kentico Software). Every facet of marketing can be tracked – whether a prospect clicked on an email, viewed a page or accepted your friend request, it all becomes data. The more data collected means greater insights to help create bigger, badder inbound marketing campaigns. Marketers are masters at proving return-on-investment and data is their most trusted friend when it comes to providing it. Data collection will only continue to trend.

  1. Email Marketing Makes a Comeback

Email marketing is dominating the world of inbound marketing. It’s ability to be hyper-targeted, and personalized makes it an ideal avenue for generating leads and customers online. Nowadays, there are all kinds of smart marketing automation systems, such as Pardot, HubSpot and Marketo, that allow users to get closer to their prospects and obtain data, such as who opened and clicked on email as well as their basic information. Gaining access to this data allows businesses to market like never before, creating targeted email campaigns for every type of customer and non-customer alike. Last year saw the resurgence of email marketing and its popularity is expected to continue among B2C companies.

  1. Increased Relationship Building 

All of these inbound marketing trends can lead us to one conclusion: building solid businesses relationships is everything. It’s no secret that consumers buy from people they like. Marketers have taken full advantage of this fact and implemented it into their daily business activities. Personalization, data and email automation all lead us to building better relationships with our buyers and in turn, increasing sales.

Inbound marketing gives the competitive advantage needed against other businesses and helps us connect businesses to buyers in new ways. This marketing tactic is evolving just as quickly as consumers are and adapting to their current buying trends. Use these five tactics as key components in your 2016 marketing game plan and be prepared to be some remarkable results!