SocialPro 2016 Conference Takeaways

July 20, 2016sparxoo_admin

SocialPro 2016 took place in Seattle, Washington from June 21-22nd, and covered strategies and tactics for managing the paid and organic sides of social media. As Facebook’s Head of SMB Marketing, Wei Kuan Lum, says, “Communication on social media is not the exception- it’s the rule.” Here are our 3 of our top, easily digestible takeaways:


The endless talk of “mobile, mobile, mobile” is shifting towards “video, video, video” says Wei Kuan Lum, Head of SMB Marketing at Facebook. Social media platforms are paving the way for more immersive experiences since that’s how users are choosing to engage.

User-generated video is so hot in particular since it is often so authentic and giving a behind-the-scenes look at others’ lives.

Facebook has transformed from a text-based platform to an immersive one with elements such as video, pictures, emojis, news, and more.  To keep up, brands must use the same elements to connect with users.




Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms isn’t about reach; it’s about hitting the right audience. Audience layering can have a stronger ROI than most other channels since it allows for very precise audience targeting criteria, allowing ads to be hyper-relevant. For that reason, it’s critical that marketers segment their audiences from the get-go to understand how they respond to different messaging, creative, content, and other elements.

As a bonus, brands should see how they can use hyper-targeted social advertising audiences as paid search audiences.


Pinterest users are planners. They are planning for big and small life events alike, and often 3 months before proactively searching online for what they want. As a huge advantage over other marketing platforms, when pinners come to Pinterest, they are expecting promotional content and so are much more open-minded about brand offerings. In fact, 93% of pinners come to Pinterest when planning to buy something. By the time they do search on Google or Bing, they have a much firmer idea of what they are looking for since Pinterest has helped mold their wish list.

As a whole, social media is about being social. Social media is no longer a place that can exist on its own. Brands are responsible for integrating social media into their larger marketing plan.