Why Link Building is Key in Content Promotion

December 15, 2016sparxoo_admin

Link building has received mixed reviews, and not without reason. Search engines don’t exactly disclose the secret sauce to optimizing offsite SEO, and link building campaigns can take months – even years – to properly execute. Link building is a marathon, not a sprint – and this is exactly why some companies may hesitate to invest time and money into it. While this may be a valid concern, consistent effort in link building builds brand visibility and spurs the growth they lack in traditional content promotion practices. As an integrated digital marketing agency, we think link building runs the SEO show. Here’s why:

Link Building Helps Boost Keyword Rankings

In an ideal world, brands would create amazing content that would be instantly seen, heard and shared by millions. Reality is a little different. Without link building, your content promotion is limited. It will fall victim to an extremely noisy, competitive market, and it will remain unseen in search engines.

Link building puts your content in front of thought leaders and key influencers, as it often requires outreach to established authorities. These influencers have the power (and the domain authority) to expose your work far beyond your personal scope of promotion. If your content wows and it’s relevant to the influencer, they’ll give your work a powerful stamp of approval and include your keyword-optimized content on their site. This is crucial for keyword rankings, because search engines recognize the quantity and the quality of influential sites that point to your page. This means the more high-quality external sites that point to you, the higher your keyword rank will be.

Link Building Boosts Visibility and Establishes Your Thought Leadership

You’ve spent years refining your content, wowing customers, and becoming the best brand in the marketplace – but your website traffic is negligible. Now what? Link building is the vessel through which your content gains the exposure and respect it deserves.

By leveraging your adoring customers, reaching out to thought leaders in your area of expertise, and creating newsworthy buzz around your brand, the number of legitimate links pointing to you will surge, boosting your visibility and revealing your content to the world. Before setting off on your link building campaign, however, take note: Your content truly needs to provide value and bring the wow-factor. Spending time creating a high-quality content strategy will ease the pain of building links because industry influencers will want to link to you.

Link Building Fosters Relationships

As mentioned previously, link building involves reaching out to industries, outlets and bloggers that have the influence to help you promote your brand and your website content. In addition to getting a link listed on their site, here lies an opportunity to forge long-lasting relationships with key influencers in your industry. So long as your site and content are of great quality and relevance, outlets are typically happy to consider your content as a resource or link on their site. Nurturing these relationships is crucial even beyond link building, because you create genuine brand advocates for your business when you build these key relationships.

Link Building Increases Link Referrals

Building relationships with influencers can also give your content targeted exposure through link referrals. This tactic may reach a smaller audience, but gaining a referral link by a relevant industry influencer is far more likely to draw targeted, quality traffic to your site. And even if the quantity is smaller, the group of people referred to your site trust the influencer and are therefore more likely to passionately engage with your content.