Inside the Tech Revolution: Work Some Tech Magic

in Digital Marketing Strategy & Trends | by Amanda Baird

2018’s digital marketing landscape might have you feeling like The Little Mermaid. Marketers have gadgets and gizmos aplenty, but don’t necessarily have a clear understanding of what everything does and how to make it work most effectively. Between tons of automation tools for internal use, and new content consumption streams to contend with, getting your land legs for effective digital marketing has become increasingly complicated.

The first step in setting yourself up for success? Look within your ranks. Are your marketing and sales teams at war with each other? Many organizations face an issue with completely separate processes and systems. In order to take full advantage of marketing automation services, your marketing team needs to understand what messages the sales team is communicating in the field – and your sales team needs to fuel the marketing team with accurate information to streamline campaigns and funnels. The best solution: work with your teams to determine their needs and build a unified project management solution. This approach increases collaboration and improves transparency within your ranks, which keeps your teams at peace with each other.

The next step is to understand how your message is being spread. As technology evolves, so must brands—often altering the content they share and how they share it. For example, we all know that smart home technology has moved from “nice-to-have” to “standard.” So following in suit, brands are taking this to the next level by developing content specifically for Alexa Skills, which lets users play games, check facts, ask questions, and make Alexa-assisted purchases. Some major players like Domino’s, Best Buy, and Fandango are leveraging direct product integration to let customers use voice technology for e-commerce. Other brands like Purina, DeWalt Tools, and The American Heart Association are using a more education-focused approach, developing reference content and gamification to build brand recognition. We’re not saying that everyone needs to immediately jump on the Alexa train, but you should definitely consider working voice-specific keywords into your SEO strategy and reading your content aloud to make sure it’ll sound fabulous when found via voice search.

While tech is constantly evolving, you might be tempted to gather up as many solutions as you can and push your brand on every outlet possible. Before you start filling your office with every thingamabob you come across, pause, breathe, and strategize. As an integrated digital marketing agency, Sparxoo encourages unifying your brand, team, and tech to serve your business goals. Want more wisdom? Check out the 2018 Digital Marketing Trends Report for a glimpse into our strategic crystal ball.

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