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February 13, 2018Emily Joseph


Ok, we’ll admit it—we’re smitten with you. We get those butterfly feelings and emoji-like heart-eyes when you come around.


But to show you the love you deserve this Valentine’s Day, we decided to ditch the chocolate, candy hearts and flowers and focus on what you’re really here for: a killer marketing strategy. A strategy that delivers a solid ROI. A strategy that sets you apart from your competitors. A strategy that gives you the rightful reign of the digital world.

We rounded up our favorite blog posts to help you on your path. Think of this as our not-so-secret secret admirer gift to you. And even better, this gift isn’t a one-and-done deal. Our team of digital marketing consultants are here to help you along the way. Any questions, comments, conversation heart-starters? Hit us up below.

Posts We Love <3

1. Digital Marketing Resolutions to Kick Butt in 2018

We might be 44 days into the new year, but there’s no time like the present to recommit to your resolutions.

2. Inside the Tech Revolution

The tech landscape can be overwhelming. This post explores ways to leverage the latest technology to benefit you and your brand.

3. Predictions on How Automation Will Evolve Digital Marketing

Automated technology will undoubtedly shape the future of marketing. How so? We look into our crystal ball and share some predictions. (Hint: Robots are in play.)

4. Digital Marketing Testing Strategies

Want to optimize your digital strategy? Test it up. In this post, we share our tips and suggestions for effectively testing your website.

5. 3 Ways to Leverage Deep Data

Deep data = high-quality information. Rather than building surface-level personas, technology advancements today provide an ocean full of customer insights. This post will help you grab those insights and turn them into winning campaigns.

Love (and opportunity) is in the air. Soak up this knowledge and create your own irresistible campaign.


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