Best Practices for Writing Google Adwords Text Ads

in Digital Marketing | by Julia Boorse

The days of boring text ads are long gone. Even in 2018, many advertisers still think they can string together random words and it will work for a PPC campaign; however, copywriting is a huge factor in determining an ad’s success. As a customer, would you click on an ad that was dull and somewhat irrelevant to your search, or would you click on one with vibrant language that basically read your mind?

As an integrated digital marketing agency, we spend our days working to craft effective and engaging text ads. We’ve compiled a list of Google Adwords best practices to ensure your ad maximizes interaction…AKA saves you big bucks!

1. Stick to the Character Limit

Google AdWords ads must be short and to the point. Currently, headlines must be 30 characters or less and descriptions must not exceed 80 characters. Paths include up to 15 characters. Google won’t even publish an ad that doesn’t follow the guidelines. Try not to hit significantly under the limit as taking up as much space as possible on the page is important. You can view the most recent character limits here.

2. Think About Customer Desires

It’s easy to write an ad describing your product or service, but that’s not enough in 2018. Customers want the ads to be personal and unique. Start by thinking about the emotion behind the ad. For example, if you are advertising pool floats, you could use language calling out benefits like “cool down” or “escape the heat” rather than simply “buy our floats.” As Helpscout says, “features tell but benefits sell”. Just think of “get rich quick schemes” – whether you like them or not, they are successful because marketers play off a frequent human desire — to have more money.

3. Place Special Deals in Main Text

If you are offering an awesome deal, don’t be afraid to show it off. As an example, if you are having a ‘save $50 on your first purchase sale,’ tell everyone! Potential customers are looking for the best bargains and best quality. Also, be sure to call out unique features (yes, sometimes features work with benefits) that differentiate your business from your competitors. This could look like: “now offering new styles and sizes!” And before you even write your ads, make sure you have a solid understanding on your competitors’ products and how your products stand out, whether it’s a better price or a better selection. Find that secret sauce and use it to your advantage.

4. Avoid Restricted Punctuation & Content

Google has specific instructions and guidelines for all ads in every industry. Some ads can’t contain too many exclamation points or misspellings, unless the misspelling is part of a brand name. Also, advertising certain services are restricted. For example, medical prescriptions might be restricted until Google can prove you are a legal seller. You can view the list of restricted content here. If you violate guidelines too many times, you could be restricted from advertising all together.

5. Use Your Targeted Keywords

Make sure your ad is relevant to the people searching for your product or service. You will be bidding on a keyword, so if your keyword is ‘hiring solutions,’ use the term ‘hiring solutions’ in your description! Only bid on keywords appropriate for your organization – otherwise, you will get a disinterested audience causing a preventable, negative ROI. Remember that CTR (click through rate) affects your quality score, which in turn affects how much you will pay for an average CPC (cost per click). Lastly, be sure to view your competitors’ ad copy on certain keywords and make adjustments accordingly.

At first it can be difficult to write top-notch ads, but with time and practice you will get better and better. We promise! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. These best practices for Google AdWords text ads provide you with a solid understanding to start building successful AdWords campaigns. Still not up to the challenge? Our digital marketing consultants and PPC gurus in Tampa at Sparxoo can manage your AdWords account, and other digital marketing needs. Drop us a note below if you’re curious how we can help.

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