A New Vision for Sparxoo

September 20, 2018David Capece


As an agency, we work each day to find ways to improve, evolve, and create new paths to effective marketing for our brands. It takes courage and creativity to evolve the vision of a brand that is already successful and held in high regard. This year, we’ve had the unique privilege (and challenge) to turn that eye on our own Sparxoo brand.

Sparxoo has always been about bringing things together. We combine the creative and the strategic, the digital and the traditional, and highly ambitious concepts with tactical execution. Even our name is a combination of words: “spark,” referring to the small, intense igniting force behind big ideas, and “zoo,” referring to a diverse collection of unique creatures.

Today, we’re excited to launch a new brand, in conjunction with our eighth anniversary, that brings together Sparxoo’s accomplished past and our view of an exciting future. Our new brand is symbolic of our ambition to inspire and empower with strategic creative market leadership.

Our new logo is a bold, bright take on our name and represents the strength and resilience of our people and their expertise. Along with our new logo, we are showcasing our new color palette and patterns to highlight our foundation based on living our exceptional values. We bring a curious and imaginative approach to our brand’s future. This is a concise encapsulation of the way we approach all the work that we do: turning bold, freshand even audaciousthinking into creative ideas we know will work.

The process of finding the perfect new representation of who we are as an agency was inclusive, detailed, and fearless. Every member of our team came together to offer insight along the way. From initial inception to launch we went from a collection of wild animals to a beautifully unified ecosystem, working together in harmony to make something that is truly our own.

We work hard at Sparxoo to live our company values every day, and our new brand is a banner that proudly presents everything we stand foryesterday, today, and tomorrow. We are proud to go to market with a new brand that radiates with the talent and positive momentum that are fueling our next wave of growth. We hope you’ll join our movement to bring creative excellence to the digital landscape as we march into a brilliant future.