Have You Tasted Kahwa's New App?

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Starting in St. Petersburg, Florida circa 2005, Kahwa Coffee Roasting Company, has brewed into a successful business with 6 locations in the Tampa Bay and St. Pete area. Today, they launch their first mobile application (better late than never) and the digital direction marks a smart move for the local startup. According to Nielsen, smartphone owners spend 86% of their time using apps vs. the mobile web.

Playing with the big dogs

Of course, Starbucks, has had a mobile application out for some time now allowing their consumers to load up their digital cards, earn rewards, and gain Gold status. For a local & fairly new business to launch an application of the similar caliber is quite impressive. So we looked into it. They had some help from LevelUp, a mobile, point-of-sale payment system that offers small businesses the service for a small fee. On top of the POS system, they also offer analytics on customers, allowing you to understand your customers on a deeper level. For most small businesses, building an owned payment system inside of an app takes away from time running and growing the business. For that reason, we love Kahwa’s move to work with LevelUp.Kahwa Mobile AppBoth the branding and interface of the Kahwa app are simple yet sophisticated. One feature that makes the Kahwa app even edgier is that you don’t have to ‘reload’ your $. After entering your card once, you are all set to go as there no extra steps or obstacles to making a purchase.

Smart incentives

To promote the new app, Kahwa is offering $3 off your first purchase when you use the app. This is an essential ingredient for users to consider downloading as 55% of consumers express an interest in mobile coupons (Mercator Advisory Group). Furthermore, Kahwa is embracing the power of social media by encouraging you to share the app with friends, which earns both of you an additional $3 off.Kahwa Mobile AppWe’re proud of our downtown Tampa neighbor’s ingenuity! It’s easy to say that it’s too time-consuming to create, but they took a chance on the app and are doing the work to promote it as well. We expect that their customers will appreciate the tech-savvy convenience, and the $3 off.