Pizza Hut’s Delicious & Disruptive Campaign

in Branding | by Nick Ferry

If you’ve been anywhere near a computer these past weeks, you’ve probably noticed a promoted tweet or article teasing Pizza Hut’s largely anticipated makeover. This Wednesday, the Hut unveiled their new branding and declared #PizzaHasChanged backed by their “biggest advertising and marketing initiative”, according to their CMO, Carrie Walsh. As fans of anything and everything pizza here at Sparxoo, we decided to weigh in and give our own opinion on the pizza’s new persona.

Pizza Hut Before After

The Taste-testers

Casey Wilcox, Chief of Staff

Brian Swanick, Sr. Manager of Digital Marketing

Ryan Krail, Art Director

Lauren Dooman, Graphic Designer

Connor Storch, Social Marketing Associate


What’s Delicious

Casey: “It looks and sounds good. It makes me curious to try it.”

Brian: “Honey Sriracha crust sounds amazing and their creative is on par.”

Ryan:  “It certainly keeps with the trends of minimal, flat and scalable.”

Lauren: “The color palette fits the overall brand better than the old logo, although the red should be slightly darker. I especially enjoy how the shape is not a geometrically perfect circle, but rather a shape representing that of a pizza, with the red looking like splattered sauce.”

Connor:  “It’s bold and most importantly, it’s modern! This new Pizza Hut is sophisticated without taking itself too seriously. I love seeing fast-food places polish up their act: the interior of McDonald’s looks more and more like a Starbucks lounge each day, Burger King and Wendy’s are all being transformed, etc. We’re moving away from the days of uncomfortable, cheap experiences and goofy branding.”


What’s Disruptive

Brian: “I bet they could be a little more clever with their campaign. Their Facebook post for the big release, for instance, links directly to a nicely designed page that asks me to order now. Is that all they have to offer? I clicked on something that said the face of pizza is going to change forever…I want more to do after I read through the page. I want to explore pizza through this new lens. Even the picture they used on social was a little meh.”

Ryan: “I think a rebrand was desperately needed in order for Pizza Hut to stay relevant.”

Lauren: “There is a sense of wholeness and that Pizza Hut is the place to choose & customize as you please, which adds value to their current brand.”

Connor: “Their personality on social is really entertaining, but the whole look and feel is giving me @Tacobell dejavu. The same agency behind Taco Bell’s clever campaigns is leading this Pizza Hut effort, and it’s all a little too familiar.”


Time to Digest

Whether you love the movement or not, Pizza Hut’s new pie is getting attention. People are talking about the campaign and we felt compelled to comment. The messaging says it all — they are not the classic, cutesy Pizza Hut you remember back in the day, #PizzaHasChanged. Even more, the video campaign highlights disruption on traditional Italian pizza. This is not your mom and pop’s brand. This is the Flavor of Now.