A Website Must Be Beautiful From The Inside Out

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Custom Web Design & Development

There’s a three second rule. That rule says your brand has three seconds to make a great first website impression. In three seconds, it must establish credibility and trust, and incite the user to read more. At Sparxoo, we believe great brands have great digital footprints, enhanced with custom web design and development.

As a responsive web design company, we use progressive enhancement and graceful degradation to create a web presence that best represents your brand. Our talented team of interactive designers and web programmers leverage current open source, digital platforms to create dynamic and search engine optimized websites. Our animation team helps bring sites to life with interactivity and dynamism. We use best practices, such as minification, caching, and a mobile first approach to ensure top-notch usability.

Our custom web development is never without a robust backend—complete with easy to use interfaces for creating and updating content. We customize your website and mobile experience (yes, including app development) to achieve brand goals and deliver a consistent, high-quality experience across all device sizes.

The Elements of Custom Web Design & Development

Commerce & Systems Integration
User Experience Testing
Custom Web Design
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