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Meet the Pack

We invite the game changers, the biggest brains and the most talented minds to join the Xoo Crew and create with courage. Sparxoo, it’s where overachievers come to grow.

Victor Cui

Web & Mobile Development Intern

Nick Ferry

Strategic Account Director

Kelsey Martinez

Account Specialist

Cari Goldner

Performance Specialist

Caitlin Doyle

Strategic Account Director

Matt Mohl

Web & Mobile Developer

Jennifer Livaudais

Studio Designer

Conor Green

Web & Mobile Development Intern

Grace Northern

McKenna Foster

Digital Marketing & Graphic Design Intern

Christopher Lis

Manager of Web & Mobile Development

Josh Baron

Multimedia Art Director

Tyler Pope

Web & Mobile Developer

Joey Baird

Senior Director of Digital Marketing

Katie Mullins

Paid Search Specialist

Emily Culclasure

Content Marketing Specialist

Adrienne Morgan

Senior Director, Strategy & Business Development

Palmer Holmes

Art Director

David Capece

CEO & Founder

Aaron Harvey

Web & Mobile Development Intern


Creative Outlet

Conventional thinking is done in conventional workspaces. Our loft is more of a creative think tank where we let our creative minds run wild. We’ve got couches for collaborative conversation, whiteboards for visual communication, and a conference room (it’s called the dungeon…don’t ask) for serious brainstorming. Plus, we’re located near four different coffee shops, and we blast a different Spotify playlist daily. (Friday is old school rap day, no exceptions.)


Working at Sparxoo isn’t a cakewalk. If it was, everyone would be doing it. We promise to push the limits in what you thought possible. Our team consists of brilliant minds, inspiring thought leaders, and digital champions who will encourage you to do your best work. We motivate each other. We challenge each other. We inspire each other.


We don’t just work here. We live here. We grow here. We give back. We believe active community engagement is critical to personal and professional development. Our team is encouraged to find what organization they want to champion outside of Sparxoo.


There’s no Groundhog Day at Sparxoo. Digital thrives on speed and agility, both second nature at the Xoo. Every day, client work and projects are different. You won’t be limited to your job description; rather, your day will be filled with multidimensional, ever-changing work.


Gone are the days of hierarchical organizations. We don’t believe in red tape and bureaucracies (and the lame dress codes that accompany them). Instead, we empower our team to become leaders. Leaders aren’t defined by job titles, tenure or position. Leaders are defined by how they inspire others, and how they redefine possible.


Fun fact: We have the coolest clients, hands down. At the end of the day, whether we’re planning strategic initiatives, enjoying a few brewskis at trivia, or yes, even attending Fleetwood Mac concerts. Our clients are our friends. And badass friends at that, spanning across industries, company sizes and geographic locations.


Our people are our greatest assets. The Sparxoo family is in for the long-haul. We’re here to help you identify your passions, discover new ones, and turn those passions into a sustainable career path that challenges, excites and motivates you toward a brighter future.


The human brain is wired to seek what is different. At Sparxoo, that is our hiring mantra. We look for individuals who are unique and incomparable. We believe it is our differences that unite us, and from which we constantly learn. In other words, let your freak flag fly.

Flexible Time Off

We want you to love your job and love coming to work.  That’s why we empower the team to take the vacation time that aligns with their work style to get results.  We don’t formally track vacation days or even your “sick” days. If you need time off, take it. We’ll miss your pretty face, though.

Hungry For a Challenge?

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