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Brands are much more than just a logo and a tagline. Every brand has a story. When developing your brand’s content marketing strategy, ask yourself what story you are trying to tell, and what action you are trying to initiate (see definition of content marketing below).


Define Content Marketing


A perfect example of content marketing is Pepsi’s recent album release. Yes, I repeat, Pepsi is making music. You’re probably wondering why a soda company would do such a thing. Well, this is not just any music; this is music for the World Cup. While Coca-Cola was redesigning their can for the big games, Pepsi decided to tell a story with some big beats. They lined up a selection of the hottest artists around the world, and created a subtly branded album titled “Beats of the Beautiful Game” and distributed it through iTunes. Again, ask yourself: What story or content marketing is Pepsi trying to tell? It seems that Pepsi wants to be associated with big words such as global, cool and upbeat. By releasing it and branding it around the World Cup, they are joining the conversation without it appearing as pushy and persuasive advertising.

Pepsi Content Marketing ExampleAccording to Demand Metric, 78% of CMOs see custom content as the future of marketing. It’s important to note however that content marketing is nothing new. Back in the 50’s, Proctor & Gamble went beyond soap commercials and cleverly produced branded TV series that promoted their products within the storyline. These shows, known as “soap operas” were targeted at housewives and again, had a very strategic narrative to tell. P&G Content Marketing

Just by looking at Google search analytics for Content Marketing, it is clear that a revolution is taking place. Your brand can’t afford to be left behind in dare I say, 2005.

Content Marketing Rise

Why is content marketing is powerful? Because the foundation truly puts the consumer first. In order for brands to tell a captivating story, they have to know who they are speaking to, where these individuals come across and share content, and most importantly, what is your audience hoping for? Content Marketing Form

Literally, anything. Cue Redbull.

Red Bull Content Marketing

Red Bull Stratos, a branded, live-streamed event of the highest sky dive in history collected more than eight million views on Youtube, beating out Obama’s inauguration and earned them tens of millions of dollars in exposure, or as we like to call it, earned media. The co-founder of Contently, Shane Snow, put it beautifully: Content Marketing Quote

So go ahead, what are you waiting? Reveal your brand’s story. Make your marketing a best-seller with content that we won’t ever want to put down. Your audience eagerly awaits.

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