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February 9, 2009Sparxoo


My Game, My Rules

By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer

The Internet promotes control, freedom and independence to find anything or connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. It narrowed the geographic gap that has bound humanity into small communities and created a world accessible and relevant to the unique user. Consumers are no longer bound to product selection limited to stores. The new Consumer Age begs the question: Why spend $15.00 on a CD when you can get the three songs your friends recommended for $0.79 each? Now is the time for personal independence and freedom—to create and share.

Personal Manager—Large companies are no longer the gatekeepers of information. Users can get information and manage it whenever and wherever they want. Consumers have been empowered by and grown accustomed to the accessibility of the Internet. So put your consumer in the driver’s seat and let them take your product for a test drive.
Freedom to Explore—Our new found ability to explore and manage the world’s information has piqued the adventurer within all Internet users. The Internet is a medium in which we can connect with others in a way that has never before been possible. Our inherent thirst for knowledge and connectivity has been catalyzed by the Internet and enhanced our ability to find relevant information and expand our intellectual horizons.

Revolution Health—Though WebMD has become widely popular (much to the chagrin of many doctors), it has empowered Internet users to self-diagnose. For serious medical concerns, WebMD does not replace a licensed physician, however WebMD could eliminate senseless trips to the doctors office.
FacebookFacebook has empowered its users to reconnect or search for new relationships through relevant, meaningful information. It has enhanced our ability to find those that can add meaning and value to our lives through personalized searches—whether both went to high school together or have an undying affinity for Star Wars.
Longtail—Chris Anderson’s “Longtail” idea says anyone, or any idea to break through the clutter to be found or sold. is a prime example of the longtail concept. Of the 40,000 documentaries, carries 40 percent, whereas Blockbuster has .2 percent, according to the Internet Movie Database and Whereas Blockbuster is limited by physical space, is not. can sell any movie ever made, whereas Blockbuster can only sell as many DVDs that can fit in their store.
Now Play It
NPI offers users music lesson downloads. Though it’s not your traditional music tutorial. First, select your instrument of choice and song. Then, download the music video with either the artist instructing you how to play their song or instrument chords will pop-up during a music video. So, you can see Sting belt “Roxanne” and feel like you’re doing solos next to him.
Terminal 1
—HSBC offered travelers in Heathrow’s Terminal 1 a highly customizable magazine. HSBC’s kiosk gave travelers the option to select articles, written by celebrities, to create a magazine they’re own magazine. Then, HSBC bound the articles together for much more entertaining flight.

Key Words
Control, Freedom, Independence, Possibility, Accessibility, Connectivity, Power, Opportunity

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