Top 25 Blogs

February 17, 2009Sparxoo


By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer

53.7 million. That’s how many results a Google search for “marketing blog” will get you. If this number might seem a bit dizzying and difficult to navigate through, you’re not alone.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 25 blog picks that will energize your business with up-to-date news and unique perspectives from industry leaders. Our blog roll is a mash-up of not only marketing, business and strategy blogs, but many other topics that might be at least an interesting read, if not completely relevant to your business. Brain science, social networking, web 2.0, psychology, sociology and entrepreneurs breaking the mold are some of the many topics covered in this list.

1. Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog-M&SIB delivers on its name. The blog is constantly updated to provide readers with the freshest, most interesting content in marketing and strategy.
2.Neuromarketing-This blog blends both brain science and marketing to deliver a grounded, interesting and different perspective.
3. Ad Lab-Advertising for the future. This forward-thinking blog aims to give insight into where advertising is today and those on the creative front-line.
4. Seth’s Blog-Written by media marketing guru, Seth Godin, this blog is Seth’s social commentary on just about everything-from what school is for to e-mail campaign studies and everything in between.
5. Read Write Web-Trend and news oriented, RWW is a leading the web technology blog with over 275 k RSS subscribers.
6. Brand Channel-Published by Interbrand, Brand Channel is an important, multi-dimensional resource guide for marketers, entrepreneurs and brand managers alike, to get a fresh perspective in company branding.
7. Ecademy-Ecademy is a business forum for startups and established entrepreneurs to learn and get some pointers. Its blog is divided into three topics: community, business and social and is completely user-generated by Ecademy members.
8. Trend Central– This site delivers on its name. It offers the latest trends in lifestyle, style, entertainment and technology.
9. Springwise-This is one of the best trend / freshest, coolest, most innovative business forum out there. Springwise, the sister site to Trendwatch, is a resource guide for entrepreneurs to see what companies are leading innovation in business.
10. Mashable-Mashable is a Web 2.0 and social networking blog that has earned its stars by providing up-to-date, breaking news.
11. Personal Branding Blog-For those looking to differentiate their “personal brand,” Dan Schawbel, author of Me 2.0 can help. He offers advice on how to create the best personal brand-to get that job, or win that project.
12. M Cause-Written by Ryan Jones, the brand manager of P&G in Switzerland, M Cause discusses marketing and the positive changes happening in the industry.
13. Hard Knox Life-This is a blog by Dave Knox, the brand manager for Consumer Packaged Goods company. He discusses the sweet spot where marketing, technology and social interaction meet. Make sure to check out the great presentations.
14. Rochelle Grayson-As the COO of the Donat Group, Rochelle brings a fresh, insightful perspective to her media blog. She is a self-proclaimed mobile, web, social networking, identity and online entertainment junkie.
15.  Ad Age-The advertising news standard, Ad Age delivers a blog that is pointed, funny and between the two is insight. Ad Age discusses interesting bits from marketing, advertising, and culture.
16. Inside the Marketers Studio-David Berkowitz, the Director of Emerging Media & Client Strategy at 360i, is different. Though we’ve never met David, his smart, quirky personality shines through in this blog. His posts are comprehensive, yet engaging.
17. Consumer-Generated Media-From the Executive Vice President of Neilson Online Digital Strategic Services, Pete Blackshaw offers astute commentary on everything user-generated. He also links to his many articles published in many online publications. His blog is comprehensive and very informative-the go-to for everything user-generated.
18. Fast Company Expert Blog-From the company that delivers fresh, interesting, out-of-the box content, Fast Company’s blog delivers what its news content cannot: subjective perspective. It’s the voice behind the news and it’s interesting and pointed.
19. The Social Media MBA-This multi-media blog plucks interesting tid-bits of marketing insight from across the web and adds a little spin.
20. Digital Hive-A marketing, branding, insight-driven blog from a couple folks from Digitas.
21. Brand Noise-This is the brainchild of custom research and strategic planning company, scenario DNA. Their terse posts are concentrated nuggets of useful insight for brand planning.
22. Artificial Simplicity-Goofy, quirky, yet intelligent is tough to come by. Thank God for this blog. It takes the sometimes tedium away from a typical marketing blog.
23. Psych Blog-Branding and marketing are all about psychology. To get out-of-the-box, Psych Blog lends a different perspective to human thinking and behavior. Though not every post is spot-on useful, most are interesting and warrant a visit.
24. Everyday Sociology-This blog is very approachable, but posts can be a bit long for outsiders (i.e. not a sociologist). It’s very interesting how people move en masse and definitely a good place for marketers to check out once in a while.
25.  SpringStage-For budding entrepreneurs, SpingStage is a blog you should stop by. It’s a network of startups within and outside the U.S. Though the main blog spot might not be relevant to your locality, SpringStage has a sidebar that hopefully includes your town.