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2009 Pop Culture Trends

October 26, 2009Sparxoo


By Tara Lane, Staff Writer

When bell-bottom jeans became all the rage for teens in the late 90s, parents everywhere cringed at the thought. The style that had once been popular in the heyday of the boomer generation in the 60s and 70s was once again coming back – ready to be embraced by a whole new crowd.

Bell-bottoms, Ross and Rachel, American Idol, Harry Potter, and the iPod – all iconic remembrances that have made pop culture history because of the masses who embrace them. Topics and trends that spark a conversation, evoke a memory, and make a mark on society – whether for good or for bad – are what makes pop culture what it is.

Pop culture is a unique topic, and its study yields such interesting results. Decades and generations are defined by their pop culture, which can be found in music, style of dress, and current events. With the introduction of social media, trends are spreading like wildfire, and quickly making pop culture history. No matter our religion, politics or lifestyle, popular culture is something we can all agree on.

We’ve scoured dozens of top 10 lists outlining the biggest trends and most popular products of the past year, and have created some of our own. Trends carve a path and help us see what we have to look forward to. We’ve synthesized the information and found those trends that lie deeper, that are far below the surface of just a name and a number, and helping us to discover these five pop culture trends of 2009.

Trend Summaries

Reinventing Icons – Pop culture icons of the past are still around us, revived and revitalized through fresh marketing tactics, capturing new audiences while still remaining true to those who grew up with them.

Power to the People – The Internet, reality TV, and exciting new marketing and branding tactics have given audiences new ways to engage with their favorite products and shows. No longer are they passive viewers, but now active contributors empowered to make a difference.

Rise of the Creative Geek – As a result of creativity in the tech sector, traditionally non-tech people have turned into outright tech-fiends. No longer banished to the basement, the creative geek is actively sought and admired by their peers, fusing technology with imagination to create products sought after by millions.

Cheers and Jeers – The underlying storyline of “Good vs. Evil” is seen everywhere we look, and is even more apparent in pop culture. We’re driven by competition, picking sides and aligning with a team or group where we share common goals. Cheers and jeers is about being passionate and getting behind people you most identify with.

Healthy Lifestyle – Did you ever think you’d see the day when soda was infused with vitamins and minerals? It’s already happened, in an attempt to appeal to those who are striving to be healthy while not giving up the things they love. The healthy lifestyle trend is about appealing to the customer in a creative way. As a result, we’re seeing positive lifestyle changes and an impact on pop culture.

Image by Bartek Ambrozik from Stock.Xchng