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November 4, 2009Sparxoo

By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer

Google recently released a new labs feature called Google Related Links. The webmaster tool is designed to increase website page views by bringing relevancy to the related links section. The related links tool can be embedded into web pages to help readers browse similar content more easily.

Instead of relying on a search engine to find 10 different sites, what if there is only one or two websites with quality information? Google Related Links seeks to solve that problem.

This new tool is more robust than others out there. To test it, we compared our WordPress related links plugin with Google Related Links using the post, “Improving Your Product / Service.” Here are the results:


As you can see, there is a discrepency between the two results. While the WordPress Plugin retrieved random posts (such as “Luxury Trends” and “How to Launch a Book Website”), Google’s results were more relevant and on target.

Though this service is not going to change the web, it is a small upgrade that can make a lasting impact. Just as we discussed with web design, small adjustments can make all the difference. Just as creating a larger donate button could yield more donations, the same is true for related links and click throughs.

The service is still in private beta, but there is a demo for webmasters to experiment and you have to ask for an invitation. “To apply for an invitation, please send an email to stating your Gmail address, website domains and approximate pageviews per day.”

Image by Zsuzsanna Kilián from Stock.Xchng


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