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About the Top Digital Influencers in Social Cause Report

November 9, 2009Sparxoo

Established charities, such as the American Red Cross (#1), PETA (#2) and Greenpeace (#4), dominate the top 50 digital influencers in social cause, according to the The Digital Influence in Social Cause Report. The new report was released today by digital agency, Sparxoo, to explore how non-profits are utilizing the web to increase brand visibility, engage new audiences and spark social cause discussions. New entrants, such as Kiva (#3, founded in 2005) and Charity Water (#20, 2006) are gaining momentum by leveraging social technologies to engage and inspire new audiences.

The study examines how charities are utilizing innovative business models such as crowdsourcing; how taking a firm stance and being provocative can build a loyal following; why health is taking center stage; and what new entrants are doing to build momentum for their cause. Over 1,000 data points were gathered from over 100 charities across several platforms to build a comprehensive list of the best-in-class digital influencers in social cause.

The study evaluates social media (e.g. Facebook and Twitter), sentiment (via Newssift), the total dollar amount of charitable annual giving and many more digital influence indicators. Established leaders, such as the YMCA and The Salvation Army, were considered alongside new entrants, such as Kiva (2005), The LAMP (2007) and Charity: Water (2006).

“We believe that social cause is going mainstream,” said David Capece, Managing Partner of Sparxoo. “Through our work with Habitat for Humanity, TOMS and Clean Plates we have seen the power of a social mission. As we emerge into a new economy, forward thinking leaders in social cause will survive and thrive.”

The digital environment provides a unique opportunity for non-profits to raise awareness, grow support and make a meaningful impact. Those non-profits that leverage the power of social technologies on the web can gain tremendous momentum to extend real-world impact.

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Image by Henry Hingst from Stock.Xchng