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2010 Consumer Tech Trends

December 14, 2009Sparxoo


Imagine a search engine that understands more than your search query, it understands your personality. Or, imagine never leaving your inbox — search, play games, collaborate, work, all in one location. We have examined the emerging and established consumer technologies from the past year to project what we should expect in 2010.

Already, we’re starting to see incredible paradigm shifts in real-time consumer technology (think Google Wave) and explosive growth in crowdsourcing. As we approach 2010, we are entering a new age of consumer technology were the web is the operating system and information is now.

Smart Computing — We are being bombarded with tremendous amounts of information every day. To make sense of our digital world, we are turning to smart computing technologies — such as web intelligence tools — to make our internet browsing experience more relevant than ever. We discuss how adaptive algorithms and GPS are bringing relevancy and order to our lives so we can make sense of the digital world around us.
Digital Identity — Many of us have several social media profiles. LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter just to name a few. In essence, our digital identities are fragmented across several social media platforms. We discuss how consistency and convenience are central elements that help us manage our digital identity.
Real Time — It’s not enough to have this mornings news. The gap between when news happens and when it is delivered to us is narrowing with each evolution of real-time technology. We discuss how relevancy and immediacy are driving elements behind the real-time trend.
Collaboration — If the rise in social media is any indicator, the web is drawing us closer together. The web enables us to overcome geographic barriers to find likeminded people, to share and exchange information on an unprecedented scale. This collaborative concept of the web is being applied in numerous ways, through crowdsourcing designers and micro-lenders to real-time e-mail collaboration.
Cloud Computing — As we spend more time within our browser, “the cloud” becomes more important. Whether it’s Hotmail or Gmail, or your Facebook profile, or the photos you share with your friends, we are spending more time in the cloud. We discuss how accessibility and connectivity are making the cloud more important than ever.