Can Fox Help Build Palin’s Brand for 2012 Presidential Ticket?

January 12, 2010Sparxoo

By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer

The Alaskan governor turned political rogue, Sarah Palin, announced she will now serve as a pundit at the conservative Fox network. “Analysts say it could be a sign that Mrs Palin is paving the way for a shot at the White House in the presidential race of 2012,” writes Sky News. Political analyst Larry Sabato, also notes “this gives her more exposure for as long as she wants it. She can always resign the position to run for office.”

Will Palin’s move to Fox News help her win support from the political center or the Left Wing? Absolutely not.  But that is not her goal today. To succeed in the 2012 presidential race, the first step is to activate her Republican base to win the primaries. If she wins the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, then she can turn her attention to swing voters and independents for the general election. While her work as a Fox pundit could jeopardize her appeal to the center and left, it is a calculated risk to stay in the spotlight, polish her debate skills, and share her opinions with the Conservative World.


Sarah Palin is perceived by her fans as an edgy and ambitious (think bulldog), emerging Republican leader with new ideas.  At her best, Palin has a progressive agenda, and the charisma, moxie and savvy to execute it. The “rogue leader” has over 1 million followers on Facebook, and her “Going Rogue” book has remained on Amazon’s top 25 list since its release — selling 469,000 copies in its first week, less than former president Bill Clinton’s 2004 memoir, My Life, reports the Edmond Journal.

However, Palin critics see an inexperienced, controversial, and polarizing diva.  Opponents are skeptical that she has the experience, and worldly knowledge to lead this country forward. During the 2008 election, her many gaffes helped the Left discredit her political savvy. With increased visibility on the news network with the largest audience, Palin risks gaffes and soundbytes that could come back to haunt her.  The downside of this move is that it could severely damage her brand with Republicans, give the Left sufficient fodder to fight her in the 2012 presidential race and ultimately ruin her chances at the 2012 bid. Regardless of the outcome, this is a bold move for Palin to share her opinion and true self with the world.

You can check out Palin in action tonight with Bill O’Reily at 8pm, only on Fox.

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