Gen Y and Tumblr Launch Art Revolution

January 14, 2010Sparxoo


By Tara Lane, Staff Writer

In each period of art and creativity, the major artists of the era were influenced by one another, each adhering to certain rules and styles that others had developed and made popular — creating their own unique style along the way. When we reflect upon each art period, there will be much more to analyze than a painting on a wall. With the technology we have available today, creative tools are more accessible than ever before. We all have the freedom to think as big as we want, and that freedom has brought about a new way of creativity, and the way we think about what’s creative today. The Internet provides a unique platform for self-expression, allowing anyone with access to speak their mind, share thoughts, and exchange information easily and efficiently.


Tumblr – The microblogging site has become popular with creative types due to its simplistic yet powerful functionality. With Tumblr, users have the ability to customize every part of their blog page, update their page using a cell phone or smartphone, and become a part of a community of people interested in the same things. The platform provides a creative outlet, where users free to put up whatever they want, and become inspired by others. Tumblr is one of the only blogging platforms that encourages self-expression beyond just writing. Tumblr is a platform for artists and creatives to showcase their work, and to help promote others. Tumblr’s real-time updates on “The Wire” feature some of the most creative and inspiring things you’ll find on the Internet today.

Gen Y – Older generations have been referring to Gen Y has the “entitlement generation,” after encountering a few too many over-the-top employees in the workplace. Though there will always be the few giving a larger group a bad name, the majority of Gen Y is actually on the right path, and may be changing history. Gen Y has had the advantage of growing up around the internet and always being the first to adopt new technology. They are savvy individuals living in the digital world. With just a laptop and an Internet connection, a member of Gen Y can run a successful Web site, collect ad revenue, and make a decent living without ever leaving their desk. Jamie Hammond says Gen Y’ers don’t care as much about getting that promotion or climbing the corporate ladder, but rather the “freedom” or flexibility their current work environment affords them – the freedom to be creative and run with their ideas, no matter if they fail. Because of this, entrepreneurship has exploded, with many Gen Y’ers bootstrapping their way to a successful future.


  • Programs and platforms with more user control over development are more popular over those limited by a single group of developers. In a Mashable poll, 4,600 voters preferred Firefox to Google Chrome.
  • Android phones may outsell the iPhone by as early as 2012
  • 60 percent of Gen Y business owners consider themselves to be serial entrepreneurs, and 70 percent of today’s high schoolers intend to start their own companies.
  • In one year, Tumblr experienced a 300 percent growth in the number of unique visitors per month.
  • In only four years, the percentage of Americans getting tattoos rose from 15 percent to nearly 25 percent. Researchers attribute this to individuals looking for deeper methods of self-expression.

Take Aways

Blogging has enabled Internet users of all ages to find a creative outlet for writing, art, or whatever they feel like sharing with others. In essence, there is no limit to how creative one can be. The tools needed to do so are incredibly easy to access, but put the power into the hands of the user. Everyone can have an outlet for this creativity, through a personal blog or Web site, or even by forming an online community or forum to share ideas with others who have similar creative interests.

Creative doesn’t have to be “crazy” or “messy.” Today’s design trends dictate that simplicity can be just as beautiful. Think Google’s simple search engine, the iPhone and iPod, Facebook’s look versus that of MySpace, and many other areas of design. The simplicity contributes to an enhanced user experience. Web sites need to be less cluttered, allowing the work to speak for itself. This can go for anything, from art to the business world. Customers are turned off by clutter, and seek simplicity and sleek design, along with easy accessibility. Though it seems like a fine line to walk, accomplishing it is actually quite easy.


  • Online versions of Adobe Suite products give everyone the opportunity to be creative without paying a high cost
  • A new developer code will be written so that anyone, with or without a computer science education will be able to contribute to programs such as Firefox and Google, and even the development of an iPhone app.
  • Tumblr will overtake WordPress and Blogger as the number one blogging site
  • A competitor to Twitter will emerge – with an even smaller character limit – encouraging users to get even more creative with fewer words.

Who’s On Trend

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter

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