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Hyundai’s Super Bowl Ad Features Brett Favre

February 7, 2010Sparxoo

Grade: 7.5/10

This year, Hyundai is bringing in a bit of humor and spunk to their Super Bowl commercial, and it’s clear that the brand has tried to target their spots to the viewing audience — football fans. By incorporating a familiar name and face from the NFL, Hyundai’s commercial successfully targets a football audience, to bridge the gap between football and the automaker’s trademark warranty program.

Hyundai’s commercial features NFL legend Brett Favre, who has made headlines over the past few years due to his flip-flopping retirement plans. While the 30-second spot pokes fun at this bit of pop culture, it also cleverly ties in the overall message, which is of course, that of America’s Best Warranty. Additionally, Hyundai has managed to parallel their strong warranty program with the “ultimate uncertainty,” Brett Favre.

This ad works for a simple reason — Brett Favre appears. The purpose of the commercial, of course, is to illustrate that a Hyundai is a reliable vehicle (and that Favre is not a very reliable player). A large majority of the Super Bowl audience are already NFL fans, so seeing Favre in a commercial outside of something sports is certain to spark interest right away. Demographically, Hyundai has produced an ad that will appeal to its intended audience. The typical Hyundai customer is male, between the ages of 18 and 34 — right in line with the typical Super Bowl viewer.

Hyundai gets it right with financial demographics, too. Findings show that 32 percent of visitors make more than $100,000; on average, Super Bowl viewers have a more than $200,000 household income. Though Hyundai is typically thought of as a middle-class automaker, the brand is breaking down the barrier and standing out with its more luxury models such as the Hyundai Genesis, which is changing the way consumers look at Hyundai. Their famous warranty also assures that customers will get more bang for their buck, which is appealing to any income bracket. Adding star power to their commercial also gives the company an edge over its competitors, as Toyota and Honda are noticeably lacking in that area.

Though the Favre/Hyundai commercial seems out of the blue at first, they’re able to bring it full circle into an enjoyable, comedic, and memorable Super Bowl commercial. It’s simple, but also delivers a powerful message, while focusing on the audience it was intended for.