Top 5 Innovative Work Environments

July 5, 2010Sparxoo


Image via The Cool Hunter

Creative and inspiring work environments were once the domain of ad agencies, such as Olgivy & Mather. Whimsical office spaces looked more like an Alice in Wonderland movie set than an actual place of business. The aim: to make the workplace reflect their inspiring, groundbreaking ideas.

More and more businesses are adopting this innovative spirit to imprint their corporate culture on their offices. From GHD’s space-ship-esque reception room to Red Bull’s jungle-gym throwback to Volkswagon’s spa-like factory, brands are pushing the limits of architecture and ingenuity to create a unique environment:

Mindlab – Running out of whiteboard space can be a problem during long brainstorms. The Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs in Copenhagen solves this problem with their pod-shaped meeting room made entirely from whiteboard. If you can’t get a word in edge-wise, simply write it down on the table or turn around and jot it on the wall. Simple, creative and functional: the way a government should be run.

Red Bull – Running late for a client meeting? Don’t take the stairs. If you’re in Red Bull’s London office, you should opt for the slide. It makes sense: a slide saves time, energy and lightens your mood before the big client meeting. It is certainly in-line with Red Bull’s high-energy, adventurous brand.

VW Phaeton Plant — Factories often conjure up images of charred, omniscient smoke stacks reminiscent of the industrial revolution. VW aims to change that with its Phaeton Plant. The auto factory looks more like an elegant gym than well… a factory. The Phaeton Plant reflects VW’s dedication and attention to quality, from the assembly line to where the rubber meets the road.

The Macquarie Investment Bank — An innovative work space doesn’t just inspire creativity, it can be progressive and forward-thinking. The Macquarie Investment Bank in Sydney Australia’s work space is forward-thinking in that it focuses on eco-sustainability. The space is open, flexible and the interior staircases have reduced the use of elevators by 50 percent, and more than half of employees change their workspaces each day, and 77 percent enjoy the freedom to do so.

GHD — There are many space-ship-esque offices out there. A large, orbit or disc-like structure screams futurist philosophies and high-design. No one took that as literally than the makers of hair straightening irons, GHD. To convey its sense of style and class, GHD’s waiting area looks like something reminiscent of Star Wars. You can picture Luke chasing after Princess Leia through GHD’s reception area. Beam me up Scottie!