Return On Engagement: A Social Media Manual

July 9, 2010Sparxoo

Return on Engagement is a book about content, strategy, and design techniques for digital marketing, by Tim Frick.  Tim has provided creative media services since the early 1990s, creating design-driven media solutions for education, arts, non-profit, and corporate clients.

Total Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Who Should Read The Book: Return on Engagement is a great read for an intermediate to advanced digital media marketer or developer.  For a novice who intends to focus on social media, this books is a great way to immerse yourself.  For example, the book covers everything from navigation and color choices to social media optimization and what to do if someone trashes you on Yelp.  As you can see, the topics are far-reaching which makes this a good reference for the aspiring digital media guru.

What The Book Is About: Return on Engagement is a comprehensive manual on social media that includes 99,265 words, dozens of sidebars, hundreds of quick tips, and seven case studies.  The book has a brief, structured up-front on theory and big picture strategy and then jumps right into techniques across digital marketing and development.

Takeaways in More Detail:
We have emerged from an era in which content is king, to a digital world of meaningful conversations. To have a conversation, you must know your community and listen to what people say about you. Tim recommends some tools such as getting a Giga Alerts (formerly Google Alerts) to track keywords and phrases. You can also try social aggregation sites such as Streamy, Social Seek by Sensidea, Yahoo!s MyBlogLog, or Facebooks’ Friend Feed.

To engage users, use great content at the heart of an online strategy to create conversations. A good exercise from the book, “Write down specifically what it is you want to accomplish. Try to be reasonable but specific: for example, increasing site traffic by 45% to build a community of at least 500 to 1,000 around my particular area of expertise, decrease my site bounce rate to under 40%, and generate customer conversions in at least 20% of site traffic.” As you develop content, consider where the content will be experienced: web browsers, mobile phones, kiosks, email programs, and digital signage.

Be sure to “dress smart.”  Use color on your own site to help navigation and trigger an emotional connection.  Beyond your own site, many social networks enable you to customize your profile.  Most people know that they can customize MySpace (a Google search of the phrase “free myspace layouts” returns 16 million results).  You can also customize YouTube by editing your YouTube channel page to display content modules, customize background images, and select from a color palette of 64 colors.  Likewise, you can customize Twitter by changing your profile’s background, text, and link colors.

Why This Book is Unique: Many books are great at providing new theories and concepts that help inspire new thinking.  This book does a decent job at sparking new ideas, but as importantly, Return on Engagement takes it to the next level with very clear, actionable advice so that you can pick a focus area and make tangible progress in social media marketing and engagement.  Tim Frick is very technically strong and action-oriented.  This book compares favorably to another book we have reviewed: the New Influencers, A Social Media and Blogging Classic.

Image by Svilen Milev from Stock.Xchng