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Healthy Eating Trend

August 5, 2010Sparxoo

A healthy lifestyle seems like an unattainable dream to many. US obesity stats are ominous as the US has the most obese nation by a large margin. The latest stats show 30.6% obesity rate in the US, which is 25% higher than the #2 most obese nation, Mexico. The UK is the 3rd most obese nation. For those of you who love Italian cooking, note that it’s possible to eat Italian food all the time and avoid obesity as the nation of Italy has just 8.5% obesity rate, meaning that the US is nearly 4 times as obese as Italy.  In the wake of our national obesity crisis and with our aging population, it’s likely that the trend towards healthy lifestyle will continue to rise.

A good first step towards a healthy lifestyle is understanding your weight issues. A new solution: Diet Scale. Ji Lee, creative director at Google Creative Lab, designed the Diet Scale and the project is gaining attention due to growing need for a tool like this in today’s health culture. The Diet Scale goes beyond measuring your weight, as it suggests a specific diet to follow. The Diet Scale is customized for the user, replacing numerals with meal recommendations.

The health trend is increasingly merging with the sustainability trend. As an example, the UK-based ‘Good Oil’ is breaking into the oil market organic, pesticide-free hemp oil. Good oil hopes to replace our use of other oils, with the more healthy hemp variety. Good Oil also offers a whole line of salad dressings and mayonnaise, all made with hemp. Beyond good cooking oils in the home, you can eat at sustainable restaurants when going out. The Australia-based Otarian prides itself as “the first ever low-carbon restaurant chain, using a cradle-to-grave analysis in the carbon footprinting of every menu item.” Otarian restaurants, now in New York and London, incorporate recycled materials from the floor to the tables and chairs. Its Eco-tarian Labeling shows the difference in greenhouse gas emissions between its veggie meals and similar dishes containing meat, fish or egg.

For those who still want to indulge in sweets, New Zealand’s Giapo Gelato serves up an all-natural line of healthful gelato and sorbets, with inventive flavours including Spirulina, Feijoa and Chili Chocolate. But there’s a twist: consumers who grow organic fruit can sign up as suppliers for the store’s new Giapo Certified Organic line. Giapo Geltato kicked off its new crowdsourcing effort to incorporate organic fruits supplied by the crowds. To be eligible for consideration, consumers must guarantee that no herbicides or pesticides have been used within the growing area of their fruit; samples will be randomly tested to ensure compliance. The price of the fruit supplied will then be calculated in current market prices, and Giapo will give suppliers free Giapo Gelato in return. Springwise notes two other crowdsourcing efforts among healthy foods trends: Yellow’s chocolate bar and Vitaminwater’s flavor.

Image by Ivan Prole from Stock.Xchng