Four Simple Yet Effective Ad Campaigns

August 12, 2010Sparxoo

A good commercial is not necessarily measured by its CGI effects or Ashton Kutcher telling you to buy one camera over another. At times, we are reminded that good advertising starts with a brilliant idea and ends with a simple execution. As a digital ad agency responsible for both small and large scale campaigns, we selected effective commercials that you could (theoretically) film on your day off but would still have the impact of a big-budget ad.

For all advertisers and marketers on a shoestring budget, we hope to spur some creative thinking:

Google – Parisian Love

Google’s TV commercial debut speaks to the simplicity of its products. Simply using the search field, Google develops a narrative that forces the audience to use their imagination to follow the life of an American in love. Not often does a TV commercial use radio’s “theater of the mind” concept:

Pedigree – Optimal Pooper

Oh David Decovny. This commercial reminds us the value of good copywriting and voice over. To promote its digestive benefits, with a few sentences and a cute Chihuahua, this commercial makes you smile:

Reeses – Dark

Remember “How to Eat a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup” ads? Charlie, the domino expert, would stack Reeses next to each other and push them over. They were semi-intelligent, but not as witty as its most recent campaigns. The commercial below is witty and so simple anyone with screen video capture and PPT could create this TV commercial:

Corona – Never Ending

Corona ads are about savoring the simple things in life. Images of couples on white beaches enjoying the waves and a beer is a staple in Corona ads. The commercial below breaks from that tradition in a fun, witty way: