Want to Win at Video Marketing? Try These Three New Angles.

July 16, 2019Sparxoo


We’re not all about the glamour of winning video awards at Sparxoo. But a win for our clients? There’s no better feeling as a marketer. In fact, every time it happens, we ring a bell on the second floor until we hear raucous howling from all corners of the Xoo.

That’s exactly what happened when our video campaign for Eckerd Connects, a local nonprofit, was named Best Branded Content in the General Charitable category in the 40th Annual Telly Awards.

“When the script and visuals come together like that, there’s something really special about how creative brings the message to life and makes a real impact,” said Darren Ryan, our Creative Director. Take a look behind the scenes at his top three ways to craft video marketing that matters.

Know the numbers

Who knew data could have a heart? By building your message around impactful statistics, facts and figures, your story becomes more human. “It’s heartbreaking to see the numbers surrounding the child poverty crisis in America,” said Darren, “and that’s what set our compelling groundwork for the Eckerd Connects campaign.”

Rally your storytelling team

Don’t let the magic of collaboration get lost in project workflow. While you may have your own zoo of designers, strategists, copywriters and video gurus, channeling their talents into one powerful story is the secret sauce — especially when you open that line of collaboration across your internal and client-facing teams.

Explore new territory 

Our #GiveADam messaging made a splash for good reason. We weren’t afraid to push new limits by exploring the edgy side of storytelling. For the Sparxoo team, every challenge is a new opportunity to let our imaginations run wild. Allowing your team to explore new avenues can be the key to your next award-winning campaign. “The best part is watching a team grow and develop a passion for new skills,” said Darren. “It really comes through in the finished product.”

Get your game face on with Sparxoo’s best practices in video trendsetting.