How Sparxoo Interns Conquer the Digital Marketing Jungle

August 2, 2019Sparxoo


sparxoo-interns-summer-2019Our interns aren’t here to make coffee. In fact, we believe mundane tasks are a waste of incredible talent. Sparxoo interns are a different breed — a fierce pack of strategic thinkers with uncaged creative instinct. 

Their biggest project? Uncovering more of their own potential every single day. That’s how our talented class of Summer 2019 interns conquered the digital marketing landscape, and here are their four most memorable takeaways:

Those wild ideas? Embrace them.

Unpredictability can lead to powerful breakthroughs during a challenging creative project. “I used to have creative ideas and never show them,” said Sophie Bevirt, a Sparxoo Design Intern. “While they seemed like crazy ideas, I realized that’s the kind of thing that will bring you success at Sparxoo. Don’t be afraid to do something that stands out from a client’s brand standards.”

Make noise — it’s productive.

Be bold and speak up; you never know when something will stick during a brainstorm. “I learned not to stay quiet,” said Joshua Downey, a Sparxoo B2C Client Development Intern. “Before Sparxoo, I used to think, ‘I’m an intern; what I do isn’t too impactful — then you quickly learn it’s much different and unique at Sparxoo. Especially in the RFP process, and being a part of the initial think tank, you never know what could end up in the final product.”

Explore new territory, often.

Going off the grid can give anyone a better chance at discovering new skills. “I was able to do coding work and put it into action,” said Orion Schlosser, a Sparxoo Design Intern. “At Sparxoo, I’m in a place where there is so much strategy behind everything, so seeing that side was interesting, and helped improve my design and workflow strategies.”

Be fearless, and stay human.

Own your role to stretch your skills and contribute to the good of the team. “By being the point person for client projects, I learned what it takes to be a project manager,” said Gage Sanders, a Sparxoo B2B Client Development Intern. “We take client ideas and turn them into action plans — and I want to give a shout out to our team for crushing client requests.”

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