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Sparxoo Culture: Why Being Yourself is Good for Business

August 12, 2019Sparxoo


At Sparxoo, diversity and inclusion are woven into our agency’s culture, and each day, it brings even better results to our clients. That’s because our core values were built with an underlying edge that you can’t find in every company — tying cultural values to a growing business strategy.

“By strategizing an inclusive culture, we’ve built an agency that cares about people beyond their positions and titles,” said Amber Caraballo, Sparxoo’s Vice President of People and Culture. “We’re also proud to be one of Tampa’s first LGBTBE certified businesses, because when all employees feel comfortable and accepted, they can truly unleash their talents to deliver creative solutions to our clients.”

Productive agency culture isn’t all about comfy bean bag chairs or flying Nerf darts — but hey, we find time to enjoy those too. Sparxoo’s core culture starts by hiring the best talent to serve our clients and asking every team member to bring their full selves to work.  

“We embrace where they come from and where they’re going, along with all of their talents, beliefs, backgrounds and everything between,” said Amber. “It’s who they are, and because we have such a diverse team, it brings a healthy contrast of perspectives to every project for the most impactful outcome.”

That’s how we make magic at Sparxoo, and leading data and research confirms our good business practices. According to a Bersin by Deloitte Talent Management Maturity Model, inclusive companies are 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their market. At Sparxoo, we collaborate. We challenge. We grow. We celebrate the wins of our clients, and best of all — we do it by being our best selves.

Are you ready to bring Sparxoo’s proudly diverse perspectives to your next digital marketing project? Send us a message. Or smoke signals. Or stand outside our window holding a sign that says, “I’m ready to make digital marketing magic.” Whichever you prefer, we support you.