Ready to Reach Gen Z? You Have Eight Seconds.

August 26, 2019David Capece


I’m serious. You have eight seconds to capture a Gen Z consumer’s attention online. I’ll admit, marketers thought Millennial consumers were a challenge. But now, Gen Z is rapidly emerging as a major factor – they’ll make up 40% of the market in 2020.

It was an honor to share these insights on progressive storytelling at the 2019 NGLCC International Business & Leadership Conference in Tampa earlier this month, alongside industry leaders David Artavia and Dimitri Moise. We encourage your business to use these Gen Z storytelling strategies to capture this fast-swiping consumer demographic.

Focus on the ‘Why’

Your biggest key to unlocking successful Gen Z storytelling? Find out what’s important to them and deliver authentic messaging that resonates. As strategic marketers, Nike’s “Until We All Win” campaign serves a valuable lesson for all of us.

Get Real

Gen Z is the least likely to develop loyalty to your brand. But one thing is for certain — authenticity will greatly increase your chances. The best way? Feature real people in your advertising, not celebrities or stock photo models. Take American Eagle’s No-Photoshop policy, for example.

Invest in LGBTQ+ inclusive marketing

Bold brands speak to everyone in their audience, and they’re also tapping into a $1 trillion industry by marketing to a group that’s still overlooked within Gen Z — our LGBTQ+ community. Big brands, like Gillette, use progressive storytelling to position themselves in a way that’s authentic, supportive and most importantly, consistent throughout the year.

Is your digital marketing strategy ready for the next wave of fast-thinking, multi-screen swipers? See how Sparxoo’s progressive digital storytelling can help your brand stay ahead of the 2020 curve.

David Capece is founder and CEO of Sparxoo.