Holiday Media Buying: Spend More or Flip the Switch?

September 19, 2019Sparxoo


Your answer comes down to seasonal strategy. The good news is, you can break through all that pumpkin spice clutter by spending smarter during the holidays. That’s why Rob Kane, Sparxoo’s President and certified Google analytics expert, will help you confidently add one more item to your holiday wish list — a lower cost per lead (CPL).

 “When advertising in December, it’s important to note that your share of voice doesn’t have to be diminished,” said Rob. “While cost per click may go up, that’s our cue as marketers to tailor tactics that break through holiday clutter and more effectively reach your target audience.”

Pull up a chair with your pumpkin spice latte — let’s craft your digital holiday strategy with Rob’s top three tactics for seasonal advertising spend.

Start by asking seasonal questions

So, how does your business fit into the holiday marketing landscape? Can you paint a picture of your audience’s online journey? Have your seasonal offerings and value propositions been accurately defined and conveyed? The more you know, the more effectively you can segment your messaging.

“Asking those more strategic questions about your business, audience and key differentiators is the first step,” said Rob. “Then you can build that expertise around your key platforms and tactics to maximize your holiday budget.”

Segment your creative like a gift

You wouldn’t deliver a lump of coal to someone you love. Unless they are coal enthusiasts, of course. It’s the same thing with holiday marketing creative. Deliver a creative message tailored to what your audience really wants and who they are, because it resonates — and that’s what sells.

“As opposed to running a broad campaign during the holiday season, you could try targeting men and women in different segments, then have the creative play off one another,” said Rob. “The key is leveraging authenticity, relevancy and recency for your target audience, especially for Gen Z.”

Unwrap your analytics 

Maybe your audience would like a holiday-driven email offer. On the other hand, a Facebook coupon could work better. You may not be able to ask your audience what they want during the holidays, but analytics will give you impactful clues.

Here are a few ways to splice your Google Analytics data for holiday insight:

  • Trend annual data by month and look at key KPIs to see if October through December has a different impact on traffic, engagement and/or conversion rates.
  • Use historical page flow analysis from past holiday timeframes to understand where your traffic enters and exits your site while comparing that to the rest-of-year traffic.
  • Understand your buying cycle as it relates to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and December holidays. You may have an opportunity to pulse your media to make your budget more efficient.

 “That’s where predictive analytics and look-alike modeling can also be effective,” said Rob. “Look for data signals within segmentation; you’ll likely uncover audience behaviors that are repeatable during the holidays, such as how many page views customers accumulate before purchasing.”

See? You can shine a seasonal spotlight on your brand — and lower your CPL with the right strategy. Use Rob’s tactics to get ahead of the holiday shopping sprees, or send your holiday marketing wish list to Sparxoo. We’ll make your paid media burn brighter this year.