Ready, Set, Conquer: Sparxoo’s Future Accelerates Growth

October 7, 2019Sparxoo


2010 was the year of Facebook, Angry Birds and Team Coco. It was also the first year Sparxoo started creating digital marketing solutions for clients who needed to stand out for trendsetting success. 

A lot has changed in nine years. Sparxoo has evolved into a sophisticated digital marketing partner to some of the most impactful brands across the southeastern United States.

“I’m so proud of all we’ve accomplished in our first nine years,” said David Capece, Sparxoo’s Chief Executive Officer. “From great client success to award-winning work, and most of all, the team we’ve built which positions us for an even brighter future as we continue to innovate and grow as a digital agency.”

We celebrated the success of our internal rebranding including new core values, the new initiatives within our core business practices and the innovative digital solutions Sparxoo is developing behind the scenes. 

“At Sparxoo, we believe in making investments in people, tools and team building so we can continually develop and evolve our unique culture,” said Amber Caraballo, Sparxoo’s Vice President of People and Culture. “This month, we were excited to take an entire day away from serving our clients to celebrate our ninth year of being in business. Instead of simply goofing off, we took the day to learn, get inspired and focus on digital trends so we can better serve our clients in 2020.”

We sat down and mapped out our badass personalities, and who knew — some of the greatest opposites are the team members that work best together. We continue to uncover more ways to complement our strengths and inspire our team to keep our clients’ strategies ahead of the curve. 

That’s why we celebrated our ninth anniversary by breaking into workshops and piecing together the framework for our 2020 Digital Marketing Trends Guide. One of our Account Leaders discussed how influencer marketing will evolve beyond social. Our Manager of Content and Copy expressed excitement for more brands to take firmer stances on societal issues to initiate change. Our Studio Designers discussed how texture and immersive experiences may become commonplace, digitally. Nothing was ruled out.

That’s how we celebrated nine successful years of our growth in strategically creative market leadership — and knowing what the future of digital marketing holds for our clients’ success.