Sparxoo’s Leaders Share Digital Trends & Process Tips with FPRA-Tampa Bay

January 31, 2020Sparxoo


Sparxoo welcomed members of the Florida Public Relations Association’s Tampa Bay chapter Thursday for a presentation on trends in digital marketing.

Xoo leaders provided expert insights about user experience and website trends, storytelling with video and workflow optimization.

David Capece

But first, Sparxoo founder and CEO David Capece shared his personal digital marketing origin story. Spoiler alert: He began his digital marketing career as an intern for the Baltimore Orioles, for whom he designed minor league and MLB websites.

That early education in the shiny, new world of digital led to the creation of Sparxoo a decade ago.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 10 years [with Sparxoo],” David told the FPRA members, “it’s that this industry is really all about constant evolution, innovation and learning.”

With that, Sparxoo President Rob Kane, Sparxoo Studios President Zach Gresham and Director of Agency Operations Monica Stoddard presented a master class on their areas of expertise. The combined effect of the three presentations was a detailed glimpse into what drives Sparxoo in terms of innovation, creativity and day-to-day workflow.

FPRA Tampa Bay

Sparxoo President Rob Kane plays host to guests from FPRA Tampa Bay.

Rob began with an overview of the brand-agency relationship and the utility of “in-sourcing” vs. “out-sourcing” certain types of creative and consultative work.

“If you are working with an agency,” he said, “use them, because they really are a knowledge base.”

Zach front-loaded his presentation with tips about how to use video as the “pillar content” of a branding effort or a sales campaign. Video offers a versatile way to present accessible storytelling to a broad range of clients, he said.

It solves for one of the most important questions a marketer can answer: “How do you create a connection with these customers that will lead to a buy?”

Brands naturally are concerned about pinning down the ROI of video, he said, but the key is to plan ahead to get the most out of a single production.

“You have a story to tell, and a video can tell it in many different ways,” Zach told the FPRA members. “You create enough content to reach multiple touchpoints for different purposes.”

Monica then gave a succinct presentation on “Organizational Excellence,” exploring the interconnection between your people, your processes and the culture of your organization.

Sparxoo was pleased to welcome FPRA Tampa Bay President Joelle Castelli and her fellow PR pros to Sparxoo.

Her five key points for mobilizing talent included:

  • Hire smart and onboard early – Find the right people to fill the right seats.
  • Give meaning to the work – Always provide a context for assignments and tasks.
  • Define the sandbox – Enable the structured and the organic to co-exist.
  • Prioritize inspiration – Share innovative ideas and off-the-wall approaches.
  • Hold teams accountable – Make sure expectations are clear and short-falls are fixed quickly.

The FPRA is the oldest public relations association in the United States, and the Tampa Bay chapter, formally established in 1956, was the state’s first. Each month, the chapter holds a learning and networking event in the Tampa Bay area.

Sparxoo was thrilled to host FPRA Tampa Bay and share a little of our knowledge with a great and receptive group of public relations professionals!