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2021 Trends | Sparxoo’s Digital Marketing PDF 2021

November 2, 2020Sparxoo


It’s no secret that 2020 gathered up all of our predictions, plans, and prospects, and proverbially laughed right in their faces. To say that it’s been a disruptive year would be a major understatement. And while it was an uneven year with twists and turns — truly, there was much to learn and many insights to gain. It also doesn’t mean that we can’t plan for 2021. It just means we have to plan differently.

That’s where Sparxoo’s 2021 Trends Guide comes in. Our team of leaders and creatives got together and combined data with experience, know-how with patterns, and couched it all in contingency plans for good measure. If there’s one tactic we emphasize most for 2021, it’s to be prepared for the unexpected.

In more concrete terms, our team anticipates distinct trends in marketing in 2021. Video will be at the heart of a few of these — not simply in that it will continue to be the preferred advertising method for both businesses and consumers, but in the new ways in which it will be used. From product training and explainers to top-of-funnel storytelling, and all of the video conferences in between, video will be key in a world that continues to operate in a largely remote way.

We also highlight how the world of digital advertising has continued to push the envelope on what’s possible. With the improvement of machine learning and AI integrations, advertising can be more personal and targeted — which is also why we foresee micro-segmentation in marketing on the rise. With digital engagement comes the digital close, and we’ve got tips for how to do just that (hint: you can’t hide behind a voice call).

At the center of all of our trends for 2021 is human connection. Whether it’s defining your brand’s values so you can connect on a deeper level, or playing to human nature when you outline how your product or service can save someone from an unwanted loss, humanity is going to be more important than ever in the coming year.

Keep tabs on our blog as we roll out posts for each of our ten trends for 2021. We’ll go in-depth with metrics, studies, and insights, and share best practices as you prepare yourself to swap out your desk calendar. You can also download our trends guide for a beautiful, free take-home version you can refer to as you build your team’s 2021 roadmap.

There is hope on the horizon. Scientists are working daily towards treatments and vaccines to curb the pandemic, and businesses and families alike are establishing new routines and adapting. The way forward isn’t to romanticize the past — it’s to make the best of the here and now, and innovate new ways to progress. Our Sparxoo family hopes this guide can be a jumping off point to brainstorming what’s possible, and to thriving in 2021. As always, if you want more assistance with your digital marketing, drop us a line.