Happy Birthday, Sparxoo Studios!

November 11, 2020Sparxoo


One year ago, a scrappy video storytelling team branched out to launch a company. Facing one of the most uncertain time periods in recent history, Sparxoo Studios has tackled challenges head-on and experienced exponential growth in a short span of time. It hasn’t been an easy year, but it’s been filled with accomplishments that Studios President Zach Gresham and his team can be proud of.

“We came from basically nothing,” Gresham says. “Last fall, Sparxoo Studios was birthed from Sparxoo, a well known, Tampa-based marketing firm. This was a significant advantage for us, since most industry professionals already knew of the work Sparxoo has done. Using Sparxoo’s experience and knowledge in the market was an amazing jumping off point, allowing us open doors to conversations we only dreamt of on day one.”

Just as Sparxoo Studios was picking up steam, they were faced with one of the toughest challenges a production studio can face: a global pandemic. With the rise of COVID-19 and shutdowns everywhere, Gresham and his team had to shift and adapt their strategy to producing content. “Video production traditionally isn’t a remote thing — we don’t do this remotely. It doesn’t matter if you were Google or Apple, or a startup. At the time, nobody was using screen-share video production as a medium for their marketing strategies,” says Gresham. For about three months, the Sparxoo Studios team developed new ways to work with partners without in-person production at their disposal. “Although most of our partners stopped doing video because of budget constraints, the NEED for video didn’t stop,” Gresham says. “We found ways to produce videos for half the cost with the same level of quality. From a business perspective, we found ways to make production more cost-effective.”

Despite these challenges, the Sparxoo Studios team managed to build up both their portfolio and their team. Starting with virtually no employees, the team is now up to seven members, including award-winning directors, producers, cinematographers, and animators. “The team over the last six months has really expanded and really broadened capabilities,“ says Gresham. “Skills can be taught and learned, but people’s passion, especially in creative businesses, is what drives them to be better and to do revolutionary things.”

Through flexibility and relationship building, Sparxoo Studios has built up its portfolio and partners list, with big plans coming in 2021. Some of these partners include Tech DataThe GronksAdventHealth, and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse. Check out some highlights below.

Highlight Reel

Tech Data: “Tech Data has been one of our longest-standing and highest revenue-driving partners since our inception. It’s exciting to know that we’ve been able to secure our ‘production agency of record’ position with such a powerhouse (and not to mention Fortune 100) brand in the Tampa Bay area. Video content created with Tech Data includes everything from event coverage to partner-facing video content and animated explainer videos.”

Non-Profits: “Some of the most memorable projects this year have been in the non-profit space. Some of these non-profit brands include Feeding Tampa BaySt. Petersburg Free Clinic, and AdventHealth. We love to tell real, compelling stories through our work, and it surely shows with these projects.”

BDG: “Another great vertical has consisted of architecture and design-build brands such as Beck and BDG. Both of these brands lead the central Florida area with their work in the space, and it’s been a pleasure to have worked with them on case studies and brand video content.”

Sparxoo Studios has grown considerably in its inaugural year, and will continue to expand in 2021. The team has learned a lot, established themselves in the market, built their portfolio, and focused on building relationships.  “Starting now, this is the rebirth of Sparxoo Studios. This is our new-age entrance to market. I think we’ve built the team that can make it happen,” says Gresham. “The whole goal this year was to get to build a portfolio. We established the team, the equipment, the expertise — and next year is going to be about growth.”