A Productive Partnership: Sparxoo and CROOW

November 24, 2020Sparxoo


Here at Sparxoo, we are constantly searching for innovative ways to increase productivity and creativity to help our clients grow. Back in 2019, our team of digital marketers at Sparxoo noticed a gap in collaboration and organization in their workflow. Sparxoo CEO David Capece and a team of talented developers decided to venture out and bridge this gap, and CROOW was born. CROOW is an advanced project management software with an emphasis on collaboration, designed for organizations in the creative industry. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020 and Sparxoo shifted to remote work, this relationship with CROOW became vital to the Xoo’s day-to-day processes. Over time, CROOW and Sparxoo have worked together to develop the software into the innovative platform it is today. 

Communication is Key

The greatest impact CROOW has had on Sparxoo is improving communication across all teams. CROOW’s capabilities allow multiple people to view and edit a project at once, leading to a more collaborative workflow. “CROOW makes it smoother to manage pipelines because it documents everything in one single place,” says Sparxoo’s Senior Director of Digital Strategy, Nick Ferry. “It makes it so much easier to work and document tasks rather than trying to use disparate systems.”

CROOW is a unique platform in that it was designed to benefit organizations in the creative industry, so it provides tools to streamline creativity and teamwork. “I think CROOW is a great tool for creative collaboration because it combines project management software with creative feedback software,” says Lindsey Chapman, a Studio Designer for Sparxoo. “Not only does it help with internal agency collaboration, but it also benefits the clients we work with, giving them a simple platform to provide any feedback they have.”

Highlights of CROOW

CROOW is a software with a wide range of tools. Sparxoo’s favorite features are the Calendar and Approvals. 


The calendar feature in CROOW is a dashboard that gives the user a week-at-a-glance view. It has filters for viewing different users’ calendars, and refining the view by to-dos, requests, and approvals. Sparxoo team members report using this feature on a daily basis. 

“The calendar view makes it easy for me to see if someone has too much on their plate, or if someone has time to take on a little bit more work,” said Sparxoo’s Art Director, Janel Gancena. “With the ability to see the whole week at once, it is easier to be proactive in planning our days and how we can get ahead.” 


“The star of the show is always the approvals,” says CROOW’s Lead Developer, Aaron Lipkin. “Many companies have chaotic ways of doing creative reviews, sometimes on physical paper with no record keeping. Being able to solve that process for agencies has been our biggest success.” 

The approvals tool on CROOW allows for tasks to be assigned to team members and commented on with feedback. “The approvals feature makes it so convenient to see feedback quickly in a format that is easy to follow,” says Chapman. “It makes my job so much easier and more efficient.”  For more information, visit the project management product page on CROOW.


Sparxoo and CROOW have worked very closely together since CROOW’s inception. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020 and Sparxoo transferred to remote work, this relationship became even stronger. “Now that we are fully remote, CROOW is a pretty key piece of our daily process across the entire agency, not just the creative team,” says Gancena. 

CROOW has been beneficial to Sparxoo because it is a platform built around the specific type of work we do, helping to streamline workflow. “CROOW provides a space for creative collaboration and project management to join together on one platform,” says Mitch Sinon, a Digital Marketing Manager for Sparxoo. “We’ve also been able to craft CROOW according to our needs, which we just can’t do with other project management softwares.”

On the other hand, Sparxoo has been useful to CROOW by being the built-in focus group for the software, consistently offering feedback to the team of developers. “On the CROOW side, we can’t really test the platform because we built it and know what it’s supposed to do,” says Lipkin.  “We don’t know if it works until it’s in the hands of the people it’s built for. Sparxoo has been invaluable in terms of gathering feedback about functionality as well as value.”

In addition to being the test-drivers for the platform, Sparxoo has helped CROOW with their branding, marketing materials, and user experience design. “A startup like ours would have never been able to put out this much creative, UX, assets, or videos if we didn’t have access to a team of experts who want to see CROOW grow,” says Lipkin. “They chip in any way that they can, which has been so helpful for our growth.”