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Sparxoo’s 2021 Aspirations

January 19, 2021Sparxoo


A new year. A fresh start. 

After a year that flipped our world upside down, most people are excited to jump away from the uncertainty of 2020 into the new beginnings of 2021. With the clean slate of a new date, many follow the long-standing tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions, a practice that dates back to the 17th century. From losing weight to saving money, resolutions tend to be specific issues that people want to resolve in their lives in the new year. But here at Sparxoo, we like to focus on aspirations rather than resolutions. Aspirations are goals that are more positive, attainable, and realistic, and can help with deeper self-reflection that leads to more meaningful changes. CEO David Capece sat down with the Sparxoo team to discuss the word or phrase (highlighted in bold) each team member will aspire to in 2021. Here’s how it went. 

Despite the difficulties of 2020, we have set a great foundation for advancing into the new year. We will maintain this foundation and adapt to any roadblocks that come our way. After all, progress is impossible without change. 2021 is a fresh slate and fresh start for exploration into new territories. We are optimistic about what the future holds and are ready to embrace what’s next. We already have an idea of what 2021 will hold for digital marketing.

This year, we will have a pack mentality to work together as one and lift each other up. We will put emphasis on connectivity, collaboration, and confidence to inspire great teamwork and make lightwork of the difficult tasks. Though we will remain remote for the foreseeable future, our team will combat isolation with regular video meetings, collaborative tools, and positive attitudes. It is our time to be inventive and create a more innovative experience for both our team and our clients. 

2021 is going to be all about growth. Growth as a team, growth as a business, and even daily growth as individuals. Growth will come in the form of strengthening relationships with our existing clients, gaining new ones, and blazing a trail for what we believe companies can — and should — be like. We are going to work together to lift off into exponential growth. After all, hard work sets the tone to snowball into success. Whether it’s Sparxoo, headed into our 14th year, Sparxoo Studios, or a brand new endeavor, our teams will give their all to growth. This year, our team is going to bloom

With a focus on motivation and lifting one another up, we will exceed expectations set for us. With a “just do it” attitude, we will make it happen and never give up. After all, we’re pretty passionate about this marketing thing.

Hard work, dedication, and a good attitude will lead to an end result that brings our goals to fruition. No matter the circumstances, here at the Xoo, we’ll focus on the big picture and give every project our all. This year, Sparxoo is going to roar and soar.