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Symphonic Distribution

Brand Strategy & Positioning

A new brand voice. Sure to hit the right notes.

In the fast-growing, highly competitive music technology industry, Symphonic wanted to stand apart from the crowd. Symphonic sought to shift their brand upmarket to highlight an exclusive product with a boutique, service-forward approach.
Audience Analysis + Brand Strategy & Positioning + Value Proposition + Storytelling & Creative Strategy

The Client

Symphonic Distribution offers digital distribution and marketing services to independent artists and music labels. Their primary focus is in the Latin Music, Electronic Dance Music, and Hip-Hop.
Our in-depth brand strategy approach included competitive market analysis and detailed discussion of Symphonic’s history, current brand, and aspirational goals in order to carve out a unique competitive position.

Based on these conversations, we assessed Symphonic audiences. We helped them move from a divide between strictly artist-focused and label-focused messaging to presenting a unified voice rooted in what is valued by both audiences—independence, passion for the craft, and authenticity.

We used these values to define brand personality and outline messaging, ranging from broad ideas to granular proof points to help articulate what differentiates Symphonic from their biggest competitors. We mapped out all aspects of personality and tone within a detailed brand guide to inform all marketing messaging moving forward.

As we explored the personality and tone, we made recommendations for visual elements and photographic styles to bring the new brand to life—going as far as recommending which Instagram filters to use.

The Impact

By creating the road map for Symphonic’s brand, they were able to rebuild their marketing strategy around a single unified message: distribution (re)defined. Shortly after the brand guide was completed, the Symphonic team relaunched their website around the new visual and messaging guidelines we developed with them.

Enough talk.
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